A lot has happened since the very first “bouillon” opened in Paris. Over 168 years later, one of these working-class eateries typical of the capital has taken up residence in the most regal of French cities - Versailles ! Le Petit Bouillon Versailles is keeping the history of these traditional, canteen-style restaurants alive, serving the very best that French cuisine has to offer at the best prices.

Le Petit Bouillon Versailles has made its home just steps away from its namesake palace, in a setting that is reminiscent of the “brasseries” of yesteryear, with its red upholstered booth seating, wooden furniture and hanging copper pots.

The traditional recipes that are the hallmarks of Escoffier’s beloved French cuisine are all served here : the “œuf mayonnaise”, or devilled egg; the “bouchée à la reine”, with its creamy chicken and truffle sauce; and of course, the classic “bœuf bourguignon”. If you happen to have a sweet tooth, you will not be disappointed with the dessert menu, which features “tarte tatin”, “baba au rhum” and the almond and pear “tarte bourdaloue”. Le Petit Bouillon Versailles strives to serve the highest quality food at affordable prices, by focusing on fresh, locally-sourced products.

The restaurant offers a stunning view on the most famous residence of the French kings. From the statue of Marie-Antoinette to the photographs and rare books that are exhibited in the grand library, this is a place that is marked by history - which Le Petit Bouillon Versailles puts front and center, by truly taking you away, either in its spacious main dining room, or on its outdoor patio where you can enjoy the sun’s warm rays during the spring and summer months.